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Lessons, Masterclasses, and Consultations

In addition to my university studio at UW-Whitewater, I maintain a private lesson studio consisting of students of all ages and abilities in Madison, Wisconsin, and remotely anywhere in the world. Whether you are an aspiring young hornist thinking of majoring in music, or an amateur enthusiast looking to improve your abilities, feel free to email me using the contact page on this website for further information regarding lessons and consultations. I am also an active clinician, having presented masterclasses and recitals at festivals, universities, middle schools and high schools. If you are interested in a presentation or clinic please contact me!


Teaching Philosophy

Over the course of my musical life, I have been fortunate to study with exceptional teachers who have shaped my own pedagogical approach. Each of them provided unique methods and concepts, tailored to my abilities, aspirations, and personality, to help me solve musical problems. I have internalized and built upon these lessons to develop my own teaching style, which ultimately aims to foster autonomous, thoughtful, problem-solving, and well-rounded musicians who can thrive in any musical field they choose.

My approach focuses on three key pillars:


1. Structured Learning for Growth:

For younger students, I believe a structured lesson plan is essential. For example, an entering freshman might receive weekly assignments like a technical etude, a lyrical etude (played both as written and transposed), and solo and ensemble repertoire. This structure encourages them to develop critical skills like:

  • Independent practice: Students learn to create their own practice routines and manage their time effectively.

  • Problem-solving: They actively engage with challenges and develop strategies to overcome them.

  • Self-reflection: Through regular discussions, we adapt the learning process based on their individual progress, mindset, and personal development.


By incorporating goal setting, purposeful experimentation, and a holistic focus on well-being, I equip students with a toolbox of techniques for lifelong learning and continued improvement.


2. Music-Making Beyond Technical Mastery:

Often, I encounter students with impressive technical abilities who struggle with musical expression. I encourage them to think in terms of music-making, not just horn playing. This means guiding them to understand how the style of the music dictates the appropriate technique. This approach fosters:

  • Musical understanding: Students learn how to interpret and communicate musical ideas effectively.

  • Artistic awareness: They develop sensitivity to stylistic nuances and emotional expression.

  • Technical refinement: Technique becomes a tool for musical expression, not an end in itself.

By focusing on musicality, students develop the skills to not only perform technically demanding pieces but also to move audiences with their artistry.

3. Preparing Students for the Real World:

I believe that music education should extend beyond the technical and artistic aspects. My teaching incorporates discussions about life in the music industry, preparing students for the realities they will face. Topics include:

  • Networking: How to build connections and promote oneself as a freelancer.

  • Entrepreneurship: Starting and managing a chamber group or other musical ventures.

  • Financial management: Budgeting, securing funding, and finding alternative sources of income.

By addressing these practical considerations, I empower students to navigate the challenges of the music world with confidence and resourcefulness.

My teaching style is like a guidebook:

  • I provide enough information to be helpful, but I never simply dictate.

  • I encourage students to explore and discover what drives their passion for music.

  • I guide them on their journey of self-discovery, helping them identify their optimal learning methods and fostering their independent growth.

Ultimately, my goal is to nurture not just skilled musicians, but also confident, passionate, and proactive individuals who are ready to contribute meaningfully to the world of music and society as a whole.

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